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The Agras T40 is the newest flagship product produced by DJI. Boasting larger capacities and increased runtimes, the T40 is a model of efficiency and is the ideal choice for spraying larger acreages.

DJI Agras T40 Sprayer Drone

    • 10.57 gallon liquid tank
    • Unpressurized spray system
    • Dual centrifugal spray heads create consistent droplet size, reduce drift
    • Approximately 30’ spray swath with a three GPM output
    • Up to 56 acres per hour, 40 acres at two GPA
    • Live level weight scale and empty tank float sensor
    • 18.5 gallon spreader tank holds approximately 110 pounds of material
    • On-board scale system, used in conjunction with the spreader, helps keep rate accurate while displaying live tank weight
    • Auto-adjusting spreader gate
    • Active phased arrayomnidirectional radar detects obstacles around the aircraft, aiding in avoidance and minimizing crashes
    • Built-in mapping capabilities
    • 12 mega-pixel camera on front gimbal mount
    • All new controller with 7" display
    • IPX6 rating throughout the aircraft ensures protection against moisture and dust intrusion
    • Autonomous mission planning makes the T40 efficient and easy to fly, even for novice pilots
  • The T40 will require a 240V generator with 10,000+ continuous running watts.

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