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DJI Agras Spreader System Hopper Gates

DJI will have available two smaller hopper gates for the Agras T40 spreading system. If you are wondering how and when you should use these gates, read on.

If you want to achieve a lower flow rate for more controlled, precise spreading, then the small hopper gates are what you want to go with. This can be highly useful for granular herbicide or seed spreading, which typically requires a lower rate as compared to granular fertilizer spreading.

There are two models of the smaller hopper gate that will soon be available.

The larger of the small hopper gates is designed primarily for seed spreading and can achieve approximately 20.5 lbs/acre. The second, even smaller gate, is useful for granular herbicide or pesticide applications and can achieve 7.14 lbs/acre.

You should perform a calibration once you install a different hopper gate on your DJI Agras series drone (T40, T20P). To do this, place the drone on a mat and fully load the tank with the material you plan on spreading. It is helpful to place a container under the spreader to capture your material during this process.

Connect your controller to the aircraft; go into the spreading system menu and click ‘tare calibration’ and then ‘materials management’.

Now, select ‘+ add new material’, change the hopper selection to ‘outlet 2’, and then click ‘start calibration’. You will use this same process regardless of which of the smaller gates you install. When you reinstall the standard hopper gate, please complete this process and reset to ‘outlet 1’

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